Methane Emission Reductions
Energy Efficiency
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What We Do


To accelerate the deployment of GMCI’s clean technology products developed for the oil & gas industry delivering proven methane emission reductions, improving energy efficiency and delivering operating cost savings all contributing to responsible energy production.

Permanent Magnet Motor Technology

GMCI concentrates on the development of a range of methane gas emission reduction and energy efficient technologies.  Core to these products is the use of Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) technology developed by GMCI specifically for these applications.  Rather than taking PMM technologies developed for high volume consumer markets, GMCI designed each product for its specific purpose, to optimize the technology for the application, rather than adapting an existing product for the application.

PMMs are inherently more efficient than traditional induction electric motors. Permanent magnets replace electromagnets on the motor rotor to generate magnetic flux required to turn the motor.  While generally costing more than conventional electric motors, the presence of a permanent magnetic field on the rotor replaces the cost of the electrical energy needed to continuously create a magnetic field on the rotor in traditional induction motors. 

Effectively a one time increase investment in CAPEX generates years of energy savings in OPEX.

The advantages of this for grid or distributed power generation means that PMMs will use less power, reducing costs while also reducing GHG emissions.  For distributed power generation using solar power, it means that since PMM applications use less power, they lower the costs for solar applications by requiring fewer solar panels and reducing the strain on batteries. 

GMCI’s proprietary motor controller provides advanced control functions and enables simple measurement of methane emission reductions critical to verification of environmental attributes to meet international ESG commitments.