Methane Emission Reductions
Energy Efficiency
Operating Cost Savings
Waste Reduction

MagnoDrive – PMM PCP Top Drive

The MagnoDrive remains best in its class in PMM top drive motors for progressive cavity pump (PCP) applications.  PMM technology has particular advantages particularly suited to PCP applications.  Their ability to deliver high levels of efficiency and motor torque at low speeds make them ideal for these applications, eliminating the need for efficiency robbing gear reduction equipment.  GMCI PMM top drives are purpose designed for PCP applications, rather than being adapted from other industrial applications.  This ensures that the motor architecture is optimized for PCP applications.  Each top drive is manufactured in GMCI facilities to the highest international certifications to ensure the highest standards for quality and safety. 

Significant OPEX Reduction:

  • No Gearbox, Belt or Sheave changes through full operating speed range
  • Significantly reduced electric power consumption (10% – 20%)
  • Virtually eliminates motor maintenance and downtime
  • Only maintenance an annual change of thrust bearing oil
  • Lifecycle over 10 years
    Environmentally friendly with reduced energy consumption
  • Can be configured for extremely quiet operation

Enhanced Production Potential:

  • Reduced downtime and lost production with reduced preventive and reactive maintenance
  • In fields with electrical capacity constraints, can deliver additional power within the same electrical power envelope


  • Enhanced safety with Fail-safe Electronic Resistance Brake
  • Concentric structure enables Safer Installation and Workovers
  • Maximum Rated Torque available through entire operating speed range
  • Low Noise – 68 db at 3 meters
  • Compatible for use with multiple VFDs including ABB, Unico, Yaskawa, and Schneider VFDs
  • Enhanced Remote Monitoring and Control