Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction
Methane Emission Reductions
Operating Cost Savings

General Magnetic

Revolutionizing the Way the World Extracts Petroleum Products

General Magnetic Canada Inc. is disrupting the energy industry with field proven solutions that make petroleum extraction greener, safer and more efficient. Energy companies from around the world choose General Magnetic’s reliable, performance-driven Magno product suite to save energy, reduce emissions and minimize downtime and maintenance.

The MagnoAdvantage

Increase Production

  • Less downtime for maintenance and repair
  • Enhanced production capability in power constrained fields
  • Enhanced motor control can optimize production in highly variable conditions

Decrease Cost

  • Reduced lifecycle operating costs from:
    • lower energy costs
    • virtual elimination of maintenance and parts replacement

Reduce Power Consumption

  • 10-20% reductions in energy consumption from:
    • higher PMM motor efficiencies
    • reduced mechanical losses

Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions from power generation
  • Elimination of waste from parts and equipment wear and replacement

Persistently Innovative Since 2008

General Magnetic was founded in 2008 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the heart of Canada’s oil and gas industry. Driven by the need for the energy industry to up its game, General Magnetic focuses on developing best in class, proprietary technology to help energy companies do just that.

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