Methane Emission Reductions
Energy Efficiency
Operating Cost Savings
Waste Reduction

MagnoSol Actuator – Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pump

Solar powered chemical injection is essentially the “Low Hanging Fruit” for CO2e emission reductions through methane gas reduction for the industry.  Replacing production gas driven pneumatic pumps, the MagnoSol has been and remains an ideal foundation technology for producers to implement methane emissions reduction initiatives cost effectively

The solar powered GMCI MagnoSol is a customer proven and affordable “environment friendly product” with thousands of installs throughout North America.  In addition to contributing to the reduction of methane gas emissions, it is far more reliable than pneumatic alternatives and enables ‘management by exception’ from an operating perspective.  Facilitating remote monitoring and control, it has invariably also led to reductions in chemical consumption and dosing optimization not possible with pneumatic systems.

Core to the GMCI MagnoSol is a purpose designed and manufactured high efficiency, high power, low speed motor and programmable controller.  The power draw is very low, increasing battery life and operating autonomy under variable solar conditions.  Additionally, the GMCI MagnoSol not only delivers performance and operating efficiency, it also enables simple, readily verifiable quantification of GHG emission reductions often critical to accurate carbon offset verification and international reporting.

Actuator – Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pump

  • Motor and Controller Technology emanating from NASA Space Elevator Project
  • Low Speed High Power output
  • Low power consumption enhances Battery Autonomy and Lifecyle
  • Ideal for solar powered electronic injection pumps and micro compressors
  • System applications replace existing pneumatically powered pumps eliminating Methane Gas Emissions
  • Enables Simple Verification for Green House Gas Offsets and Credits