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Great for the Energy Industry.

About General Magnetic

General Magnetic has concentrated its business on the development and manufacture of Best in Class proprietary permanent magnet motor technology with a focus on the energy industry.

The Company targets product differentiation through broader performance characteristics, reduced energy consumption, simplified operations, lower maintenance and enhanced operator safety.  Our equipment has industry leading standards of Safety, Affordability, Flexibility, Efficiency and Reliability with Canadian quality and standards of excellence assured.

The Company’s products have been developed and manufactured by a dedicated team of rotating equipment engineers and technicians.  Product certifications include UL, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx and the Company has obtained ISO 9001 in both its Development and Manufacturing facilities along with ISO 80079-34 International Quality Standard for its Manufacturing Facility.

Board and Executive Team

Al Duerr, MBA, ICD.D (Founder) – Director, Chairman & CEO

Former CEO of International Project Group of Dutch Investment Company, former Mayor of Calgary (1989-2001), former President ALPAC Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., former Chair Fortis Alberta, and current Director, White Whale Analytics.

Gerald Maier, O.C., C.D., LL.D., FCAE, FEC – Director

Chairman Granmar Investments and former Chairman and CEO of Trans-Canada Pipelines, Hudson Bay Oil and Gas and former Chief Executive of Conoco in the U.K.

Ron Newman – Director

Professional Geophysicist, Co-founder of Courage Energy, Winstar Resources Ltd., Geophysical Microcomputer (International) Ltd. (GMA), Costa Resources Ltd., and Tayson Resources Inc.

Robert Nicolay, MBA, ICD.D – Director

Chief Administration Officer, City of Medicine Hat, former President and CEO, Oak Point Energy Ltd., former Vice President of Business Development, Pengrowth Energy, and former President and CEO of ENMAX Corporation, Calgary

Douglas G. Nyhoff, MBA, B. Comm & CA (resigned) – Director

Active personal investor and board member in early growth companies across a range of industries. Former CEO at Ewing Management Group, Senior Vice President at Carlyle Management Group, Partner at Bain & Company and M&A advisor and audit senior at Ernst & Young. Served as Director, CEO, President and COO at numerous portfolio companies around the globe.

Cameron Ross, MGen (ret’d) CMM, CD, rmc – Director

Former Canadian Armed Forces; Colonel of the Regiment, Lord Strathcona’s Horse; UN Assistant Secretary General/Force Commander UNDOF (Golan Heights); President, HCR Security International Ltd; Executive Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary; Fellow, Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute, director seven NFPs.

Al Schreiner P. Eng. – Director

Past President and COO, Stream-Flo Industries Ltd., Alberta, Canada and former President Dominion Oilfields Supply Company

Darcy Spady, P. Eng. – Senior Technical Advisor, Global

2018 President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International, a global technical organization with 160,000 members worldwide. Mr. Spady also served on the board of a number of energy and technology companies and held senior positions with Columbia Natural Resources/Triana Energy, Sanjel Corporation and Schlumberger.  

Aaron Brassard, P. Eng. – Vice President, Engineering and Development

Former world class magnetic bearing and rotating equipment specialist and Senior Mechanical Engineering Advisor at SKF Magnetic Bearings Inc.  Prior to SKF, worked for Hewlett-Packard laboratories in Japan.  A proven leader, bringing strong skills in rotating machinery, engineering design, computer applications and electromechanical technology to the Company.

John Doyle – Vice President, Manufacturing

Former General Manager of Advantage Products Inc. and Senior Designer for Revolve Magnetic Bearings of Calgary.  A Master Machinist with years of experience in industrial design, production process planning, and vendor management.  Mr. Doyle lives and works in China managing the Company’s wholly owned factory.

Kit Chan, B. Comm., BA (Econ) – Chief Financial Officer and Legal Representative, China

Member of the Board of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada) since 2010.  Member of the Board of Afexa from 2003 to 2009, and the Bank of Canada from 1999-2006.  Ms. Chan plays a pivotal role managing the administrative and financial functions of the Company.