Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction
Methane Emission Reductions
Operating Cost Savings


The MagnoFlu Traveling Valve opens mechanically, with the suction end of the plunger submerging into the crude oil first.

Significant OPEX Reduction:

  • Reduced downtime from pump failures due to gas lock and fluid pounding
  • Reduced service rig interventions

Enhanced Production:

  • Enhanced pumping run life
  • Better handling of High Viscosity Crudes
  • Reduced Seepage especially in highly deviated applications
  • Decreased Differed Oil Production


  • Mechanical Opening of Valve on every stroke
  • Guided Sealing Elements Reduce Seepage in deviated wells
  • Greatly Enhance Flow Areas over conventional ball and seal pumps
  • Compatible with all subsurface pumps (rod, tubing and oversize casing)
  • Can be implemented with RWT Rod Pumps