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The MagnoFlu Traveling Valve opens mechanically, with the suction end of the plunger submerging into the crude oil first.

Significant OPEX Reduction:

  • Reduced downtime from pump failures due to gas lock and fluid pounding
  • Reduced service rig interventions

Enhanced Production:

  • Enhanced pumping run life
  • Better handling of High Viscosity Crudes
  • Reduced Seepage especially in highly deviated applications
  • Decreased Differed Oil Production


  • Mechanical Opening of Valve on every stroke
  • Guided Sealing Elements Reduce Seepage in deviated wells
  • Greatly Enhance Flow Areas over conventional ball and seal pumps
  • Compatible with all subsurface pumps (rod, tubing and oversize casing)
  • Can be implemented with RWT Rod Pumps