MagnoDrive Permanent Magnet PCP Top Drive Motor

Download the MagnoDrive brochure [PDF]

Significant OPEX Reduction:

  • No Gearbox, Belt or Sheave changes through full operating speed range
  • Significantly reduced electric power consumption (10% – 20%)
  • Virtually eliminates motor maintenance and downtime
  • Only maintenance an annual change of thrust bearing oil
  • Lifecycle over 10 years

Production Increase by:

  • Reduced production losses from lower preventive and reactive maintenance
  • If field has an electrical capacity constraint, can deliver additional power within the same envelope


  • Fail-safe Electronic Resistance Brake
  • Safe Installation and Workovers – Axially balance lifting
  • Maximum Rated Torque available through entire operating speed
  • Low Noise – 68 db at 3 meters
  • Certified for use with ABB, Unico, Yaskawa, and Schneider VFDs
  • Enhanced Remote Monitoring and Control


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