About General Magnetic

General Magnetic International Inc. was incorporated in 2008 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company has concentrated its activities on the development of best in class proprietary permanent magnet motor technology with a focus on the energy industry.

Our Vision

To deliver operating equipment to the energy industry with industry leading standards of safety, affordability, flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

Our Business

General Magnetic has concentrated its business on the development and manufacture of electric motors for applications that optimize the advantages of its technology.

General Magnetic targets product differentiation through broader performance characteristics, reduced energy consumption, simplified operations, lower maintenance and enhanced operator safety.

Production of GMII MagnoDrive and Solar Powered Injection Pumps started in 2011.

Your Assurance of Quality

MagnoDrive developed and manufactured by a dedicated team of rotating equipment engineers and technicians

MagnoDrive certified to UL, CSA, ATEX, and IEC Ex standards. Please ask for details.

Canadian quality and standards of excellence assured